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Capelain, venture funds of Group La Villeguerin

Our portfolio

Companies we work with

Pass examinations and orientations
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Saas platform to build augmented reality experiences
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Smart maps and augmented reality
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All in one Saas platform to manage and display corporate content materials
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High-performance casting and booking tools for voice over & dubbing project management
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Accounting & Administration Saas Software for artisans, retailers, startups and small companies. Acquired by Fiducial.
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Leader in Cognitive Search & Analytics. Acquired by Management.
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Sales Engagement software for B2B sales teams that helps you automate repetitive tasks to find and reach ideal prospects. Acquired by Sidetrade.
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The French incubator hosts more than 100 companies and start up in the heart of Paris. Acquired by Partner.
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Build with enthusiastic entrepreneurs



Capelain invests from € 300K to € 5m in companies having successfully passed their product/market fit phasis and which are ready to move from the « Start » to the « Up » stage.


Capelain augments the reality of internal operational skills : consulting, expertise, coaching, mentoring, sharing experiences in miscellaneous areas from tech to sales strategy, including marketing and finance needs.

First Markets

Capelain closely works with founders to conquier first markets and to structure relevant financing to sustain their growth strategy.

Our team

Work with entrepreneurs and experts

Serial entrepreneur & Business Angel, in 1997, Yves takes over the family business, La Revue Fiduciaire, along side his other businesses.

Yves de la villeguerin

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Christophe has created several companies and closely work with Yves on technology activities.

Christophe BOSSUT

Digital & tech evangelist

Enthusiastic entrepreneur, Marc has created IKO System, backed by Capelain, acquired by Sidetrade in 2016. Marc brings his entrepreneurial experience to deliver GoToMarket expertises to scale businesses


Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing expert

With his experiences as COO of Private Equiy firms, Aymeric advises executives and startups in properly structuring their financial and operational growth

Aymeric Plassard

Investor, Structured Finance expert

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